Mobility Solution for Employees


Manage your employees mobility needs

with our mobile app and payment solution



Give your employees access to the best mobility services.

Control your budgets, mobility credits and CO2 emissions.



Offer your staff

a mobility assistant


For each ride, compares in real time: prices, waiting times and CO2 emissions.

With more than 120,000 drivers and vehicles across Europe, we offer the most complete platform on the market bringing together fleets such as Uber, Kapten, Marcel, Heetch, LeCab, Cityscoot, Ubeeqo and many others.

Your business travellers can keep taking advantage of all possibilities proposed by each fleets such as ordering for others, paying by company card or centralized invoices.


With, you can control the booking options available to your employees, in accordance with your internal policies and expense management rules.

Decide which offers and ranges are accessible based on the status of your business travellers.

Strengthen compliance with your Travel, Mobility, CSR and Purchasing Policies.

Reinforce compliance with your internal rules

Access and enjoy new data to manage and reduce costs and carbon footprint linked with your employees' travels.

With, first and last miles will no longer be a secret for your Office Manager, Travel Manager, MICE or CSR.

Reduce your expenses and CO2 emissions.



Customize your corporate app to your colors.


Assist your employees on their journeys by offering them a unique and corporate digital experience.

Take advantage of quick and effective visual options to integrate your logo, choose the name and icon of your app. We shape and configure the app with you during a dedicated workshop (plug and play).


Welcome your customers, visitors and guests with an interactive kiosk.


Julie, very active, Lille

When I have to get a ride hailing, it's because I'm in a hurry. With the app, I'm sure I grab the nearest driver

Eve, Green, London

Yesterday starting from work, I geolocated five green drivers around me, what a pleasure to get the choice with!

Yassine, app addict, Nanterre

Before I had to open and switch several apps to find out the cheapest ride. Thanks to I get the answer in the blink of an eye ;)

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